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SONEX Willtec


SONEX Willtec

It's Willtec


What is Willtec?  Willtec is the acoustical material that most SONEX products are made from. Itís a soft, fireproof, extremely efficient acoustical foam with very fine pores.
Willtec is practically invisible. When adhered to ceilings and walls it resembles drywall and, like drywall, it can be painted. But Willtec is also easy to cut, bend and install--allowing you to get creative.
Willtec sheet

Restaurants and multi-purpose rooms.


Where is Willtec Used?  Use Willtec where you want your acoustical treatment to be subtle, or when you want to let your imagination roam. Itís popular in offices, schools, conference rooms, multipurpose rooms and restaurants-- anywhere thereís too much noise and echo. Willtec meets all US fire codes. More Willtec

Offices and conference rooms


Colors  Use willtec right out of the box in either natural (unpainted) white or light gray. Or let us paint it with our HPC (High Performance Coating), which allows you to clean the material with a damp cloth. Colorful

How about some drama?


Installations is a snap  Just cut the material with a a sharp knife and glue it in place with any caulking-gun adhesive. Our adhesive

Even you can install it!


Willtec Pricing
24" by 48" sheets x 1Ĺ " thick
Color Sheet sizeSheets in carton Price  
White24"x 48"8 sheets$284 per carton Buy
Light Gray24"x 48"8 sheets$230 per carton Buy
Painted 24"x 48" 8 sheets $389 per carton Buy  
  24" by 24" sheets x 1Ĺ" thick     
Color Sheet sizeSheets in carton Price
White24"x 24"16 sheets$365 per carton Buy
Light Gray24"x 24"16 sheets$294 per carton Buy
Painted 24"x 24"16 sheets$469 per carton Buy

SONEX Willtec Colors

Natural (unpainted
) colors
White light gray    
white                                   light gray                      
Painted Colors    
HPC Colors    

arctic white                        ivory                                 beige

     light blue                     light grey                        medium grey    
 dark grey                         black



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