SONEX Whisper Wave and Whisper Ribbon
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Whisper Wave Cloud

Whisper Waves are made of our fireproof melamine foam, cloud white in color. Suspended with clear monofilament line from our hanging hardware (included), they seem to float silently above your space.
Whisper Waves dramatically reduce noise levels and eliminate echoes. They're also fireproof, UV resistant, and unaffected by heat and humidity. Whisper Waves are available in natural bright white, or painted with our cleanable HPC coating. (Color swatches are here.)
Whisper Waves come in two styles:


Introducing Our Beautiful New SONEX Whisper Wave

Dreamy patterns floating in the air that inspire awe--and absorb noise! That's our new Whisper Wave.

Whisper Wave Cloud
Whisper Wave Clouds
Whisper Wave Clouds float above a swimming pool
24" x 48" or 48" x 96" clouds" designed to hang parallel to the ceiling or be attached to a wall.
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Cloud Size

Whisper Ribbons Whisper Wave Cloud in conference room
12" x 48" "ribbons" designed to hang on edge or be attached to a wall. Ribbon
Whisper Ribbon
Whisper Wave Pricing 
Unpainted white Sheet sizeClouds in carton 1-19 cartonsOver 20 cartons    
Large Clouds48"x 96"1 cloud$460 each$434 eachCall (360)221-7818 to order
Medium Clouds 24"x 48"4 clouds $253 per carton$228 per carton Buy it  
Ribbons 12"x 48" 8 ribbons $226 per carton$203 per carton
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Painted Sheet size Clouds in carton 1-19 cartonsOver 20 cartons    
Large Clouds 48"x 96" 1 cloud $653 each$628 each Call (360)221-7818 to order 
Medium Clouds 24"x 48" 4 clouds $337 per carton$303 per carton Buy it  
12"x 48"
8 ribbons
$317  per carton
$285 per carton
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SONEX Whisper Wave Colors

Natural (unpainted) colors
White light gray    
white                                light gray                                       
Painted Colors    
HPC Colors    

arctic white                        ivory                                 beige

     light blue                     light grey                        medium grey    
 dark grey                         black
SONEX Whisper Wave Clouds

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