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Apply decibel drop.

Press in place.

The Most Effective Way to Block Incoming--Or Outgoing--Noise L

SONEX Decibel Drop added to wallboard stops 10 times as much noise as wallboard alone.

Most American buildings have gypsum board (drywall) walls and ceilings. Drywall is inexpensive and easy to work with, but it tends to broadcast noise from room to room because it is stiff and vibrates easily.

Many people deal with this problem by adding another layer of drywall. But this new layer vibrates, too-- resulting in little or no noise reduction.

But if you install the same sheet of drywall with SONEX Decibel Drop Compound, you will wind up with ten times the noise reduction. The reason? Decibel drop floats and deadens your new layer of drywall, sharply reducing noise transfer.

SONEX's tests show that if you merely add a new layer of drywall to an existing wall, you will only get an extra 2 decibels of noise reduction. But the same new layer of drywall, floating on our Decibel Drop Compound, will stop 12 decibels more noise. 12 decibels is over 90% of the acoustical energy coming through the wall! 1

Anyone can use decibel drop in a weekend soundproofing project. Simply apply 2-3 tubes to the back of a standard 4' by 8' sheet of drywall, press the drywall in place, and anchor it with a few screws. You're done!.

Decibel Drop Test Data  
Wall type Noise reduction
Plain stud wall 40 decibels
Add one layer of drywall 42 decibels
Add one layer of drywall with Decibel Drop 52 decibels
Decibel Drop Pricing  
12 Tubes per Case $179.00 per case
*a case treats 150 sq. ft. of drywall

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Far left: Simply apply Decibel Drop to the back of drywall and press in place.


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