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No Grid Required!

Our SONEX Contour Ceiling Tiles go up in just a few minutes, instantly transforming your room's acoustics. And unlike old-fashioned drop ceilings, there's no need to relocate sprinklers and lights--just apply glue and press in place.

Our Contour Glue-On Tiles are offered in many of the same patterns and colors as our ceiling tiles, but these tiles are meant to be glued onto your walls or ceiling. In fact, covering just 2/3 of your ceiling with our tiles will solve most acoustical problems.

SONEX Contour Tiles have quickly become favorites of architects and designers for their distinct look and outstanding acoustics. Look for them on the sets of many newscasts and television shows.

Easy Installation

Simply place a bead of adhesive on the back of the tiles and press them into place on walls, ceilings, partitions--anywhere that noise is a problem and good looks are a must.

All of our tiles are made from our fireproof melamine foam with cleanable HPC coating, a combination that produces some of the finest acoustics in the industry.

Choose one of our four most popular patterns shown at the left, or download a brochure for more patterns. You can even mix a pattern tile and a plain tile for more dramatic effects.

Contour Wall Tiles are available for purchase online by clicking the link to your left.

Basix Pattern
ClassicClassic Pattern

SpectrumSpectrum Pattern



SONEX Contour Ceiling Tiles in Classroom