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SONEX Contour Tiles

Our Contour Ceiling Tiles are a marriage of SONEX's famous acoustics and modern design.

Contour tiles have quickly become favorites of archtects and Hollywood set designers for their distinct look and outstanding acoustics.

SONEX Contour Ceiling Tiles have outstanding acoustical properties: They absorb 100% of the noise that strikes them, which means you can't buy a better tile anywhere.

Our drop-in tiles are made with a stiff backing to drop into conventional 24" by 24" ceiling grids.

Can't install a ceiling grid? No problem. Use our glue-on tiles to create perfect sound with a dramatic design statement. Simply apply adhesive to the back of the tiles and press in place.

All of our tiles are made from our fireproof melamine foam with our HPC (high performance coating), a combination that produces some of the finest acoustics in the industry.

Choose one of our fmost popular patterns, or mix pattern tiles and plain tiles for more dramatic effects.

Contour ceiling tiles fit any 15/16" grid system. 9/16" and concealed grid tile options are available.

Most Popular Patterns
ClassicClassic Pattern

SpectrumSpectrum Pattern



Contour Tiles in a cafeterio


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SONEX Harmoni Ceiling Tile
Want a traditional drop-in ceiling tile with the patented SONEX wedge pattern? Our Harmoni ceiling tile is what you're looking for.

Our Harmoni lay-in ceiling tiles are designed for traditional 24" by 24" ceiling grids. They are made of our next-generation melamine acoustical foam and coated with cleanable, acoustics-enhancing HPC paint.

The result is the most absorptive foam ceiling tile we make. Use Harmoni Tiles in offices, restaurants and conference rooms--anywhere it's too noisy.

Because of their powerful acoustics, Harmoni tiles are also popular in pro audio.

Choose from a plain (Vista) or patterned (Tartan) tile. Both versions are availablein seven different colors.

Harmoni ceiling tiles fit any 15/16" grid system. 9/16" and concealed grid tile options are available.
Harmoni Ceiling Tiles


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e SONEX Whiteline
SONEX Whiteline Ceiling Tiles

Affordable Whiteline Ceiling Tiles are made from SONEX's revolutionary willtec acoustical foam with a smooth white fabric laminated to one side, and a charcoal black fleece on the other side.

The result is an outstanding, low-cost ceiling tile that outperforms tiles several times thicker. This makes Whiteline ceiling tiles ideal for everywhere conventional drop ceilings are used, including offices, classrooms, showrooms and home theaters.

Whiteline ceiling tiles work with all standard ceiling grids, providing a choice of finishes that will instantly transform your room's acoustics.

SONEX Whiteline TilesSONEX Whiteline


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