SONEX Acoustical Foam
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Whisper Ribbon on Wall

Absorb Noise:

SONEX Acouustical Foams

SONEX acoustical foam is perhaps the most popular studio treatment on the planet. Placed on walls and ceilings, SONEX provides perfect acoustics for recording and broadcast studios. Use SONEX at home for perfect sound reproduction.

The same great acoustics with a cleanable surface is provided by SONEXone, which also has beveled edges designed to frame each sheet.

Our new Whisper Waves, floating like clouds or attached to walls, are 21st century acoustic treatments. Made of our feather-light fireproof melamine foam, they will last for decades.

Looking for a drop ceiling in your studio? The only drop ceiling with the SONEX pattern is our Harmoni Ceiling Tiles--which also absorb nearly 100% of the noise that strikes them.

Harmoni Ceiling Tiles






Far left: SONEXclassic Acoustical foam and, below it, Whisper Ribbons

Near left Harmoni Ceiling Tiles

Block Noise:

SONEX ProSPEC Noise Barriers

Our ProSPEC Barriers have the same noise-stopping power as lead, but they're easier to use. They're flexible and only 1/8" thick: Hang them like curtains, bury them in walls, or unroll them on drop ceilings.

Our Decibel Drop compound turns drywall into a noise-stopping powerhouse, and leaves you with a wall that looks like any ordinary wall.

Decibel Drop



Far left: SONEX ProSPEC Noise Barriers

Near left: SONEX Decibel Drop going onto drywall.