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SONEX ProSPEC Noise Barriers
ProSPEC Noise Barriers

Flexible, easy-to-use ProSPEC Noise Barriers can be hung like curtains to create enclosures and shields, or they can be embedded in walls and ceilings to add noise-stopping ability.

Typical use: Sound-proofing, pro audio, industrial noise

Available in reinforced versions (for hanging like a curtain) and non-reinforced versions (for imbedding in walls or wrapping noisy objects).

Our barriers are popular for industrial noise control where they're used to block noisy equipment, and in pro audio where they're used to keep noise out of recording and broadcast studios

SONEX ProSPEC Vinuyl Noise BarrierPrSPEC Noise Barrier






SONEX ProSPEC CompositesSONEX Value Line
SONEX Compoistes

When you need to add noise-stopping power to the inside of enclosures or to substandard walls, these products are the answer.

SONEX Composites are made of our acoustical foam with a

Typical use: industrial noise, sound-proofing

layer of our powerful ProSPEC noise barrier floating inside, which isolates the barrier from surface vibrations.

Available in nearly fireproof melamine with a contoured, coated surface (top), or in economical urethane with a flat film-coated surface (bottom).

Overall thickness of each product: 1.25". Sold in UPSable 24" by 48" sheets.


ProSPEC Composite Machine Enclosure



SONEX Quilted Noise Barrier Panels
SONEX Quilted Narriers

Typical uses: industrial noise, pro audio

SONEX Curtains are made of our ProSPEC noise barriers covered with a layer of quilted, virtually fireproof melamine acoustical foam. We cut the curtains to your specifications, attach grommets for hanging and Velcro strips to hold adjoining curtains together.

(Priced by quotation only.)


SONEX Quilted Panels






e SONEX Quilted Enclosures
SONEX Quilted Enclosure

SONEX Quilted Enclosures are an economical, hassle-free way to totally enclose a noise source. They're made of flexible noise barrier coated with quilted fireproof foam and are custom-made to customer specifications. Doors, windows and ventilation panels are all options. Our enclosures come with all necessary hardware, and can be disassembled for storage and shipping


SONEX Quilted Shield



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