SONEX Acoustical Foam


INdustrial Noise Control
Wall and Ceiling Treatments

No-hassle noise control.

A room treatment with SONEX Acoustical

INdustrial Value Line Baffles

Foam can reduce noise levels without inconveniencing workers or cutting access to machines. Use our SONEXclassic, SONEXone or SONEX Value Line

depending on your needs. Or hang our SONEX Baffles from the ceiling.





Far left: SONEXclassic in print shop.

Near left: Value Line Hanging Baffles quiet an entire factory.



SONEX Classic in a print shop
Noise Barriers and Shields

Divide and Conquer.

Just one or two noise sources? Why not

Prospec curtain

shield them from the rest of the room? Create an "instant wall" with our ProSPEC Noise Barrier, or let us create a walk-in enclosure with our Quilted Barrier.




Far left: ProSPEC Noise Barrier shielding a motorNear left: ProSPEC Noise Barrier Curtains used as a room divider.
SONEX ProSPEC Noise Barrier




The ultimate quiet.

Nothing quiets a noise source down like

SONEX Quilted Enclosure

boxing it in. Do it yourself with your own materials and line it with SONEX Acoustical Foam or let us build a walk-in enclosure for you with our SONEX Quilted Curtains.





Far left: SONEX pyramids lining a pump room.

Near left: SONEXquilted Curtain Enclosure.

SONEX Pyramid

Want to know more? Download our "Noise Control Made Easy."




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