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Our Amazing SONEX Wiltec

  Restaurant with Willtec on the ceiling
SONEX Acoustical Foams


The original, patented acoustical foam

SONEX Classic in a shooting range

SONEX Classic

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Extra craftsmanship for added value

SONEXone in Film Studio

SONEXone Acoustical Foam

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Value Line Foam

Subtle, Economical

SONEX Value Line in a library

SONEX Value Line Foam

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SONEX Clouds and Ceiling Tiles

SONEX Glue-on Ceiling Tiles

Acoustical ceilings without the grid

SONEX Contour Glue-On Tiles

Classic Wall Tiles

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SONEX Contour Ceiling Tiles

Perhaps the most effective ceiling tiles you can buy.

SONEX Contour Ceiling tiles

SONEX Contour Ceiling Tilesl Foam

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SONEX Whisper Wave

Peaceful floating noise absorbers


SONEX Whisper Wave Cloud

SONEX Whisper Ribbon

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SONEX Noise-Blocking Materials

Noise Barriers

Stop noise in its tracks

SONEX ProSPEC Noise Barrier

SONEX ProSPEC Noise Barriers

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